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As North America becomes more suburbanized, pressure on deer to find new sources for food has caused them to move into gardens, farms and nurseries in increasing numbers. Deer Fencing is a totally affordable solution for this problem.

Deer Fence, a 7'6'' high green 2-1/4" plastic mesh, can deter deer from entering properties. The fencing is lightweight, nearly invisible and requires no special tools to install. The price is right and an acre can be protected from deer for under $590.00* (with plenty of extra materials for future repairs). This fence will not harm the deer, made to tear away under pressure but put up enough resistance to discourage future entry attempts.

Deer Fence Advantages

  • Economical
  • Nearly invisible after installation
  • Easy to install
  • Can protect farms, nurseries and gardens
  • Strong enough to discourage deer, will not harm deer
  • 7' 6'' height to keep deer from jumping
  • Available in roll sizes of 200', 1,000' and 5,000'


  • Run tension wire 7' 6" off ground between trees or posts
  • Attach fence to tension cable using cable ties
  • Nail fence to trees using galvanized nails
  • Fasten fence to posts with cable ties
  • Secure fence at bottom using ground staples

Temp fence is composed with fence panel, base unit and fence clips. More

Temporary Fence Panel

Temporary Security Fence

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