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Euro fence usually refers to pvc coated welded wire mesh fence.

Mesh sizes can be 2”, 2.5”, 1.5” or others.

Wire diameter before coated and after coated for mesh 2” is usually 2.0mm and 2.50mm separately.

Tensile strength of wire fence:
Horizontal wire 400/550 N/mm2
Vertical wire 750/950 N/mm2

Wire treatment:
Vertical wire: straight galvanized wire pvc coated.
Horizontal wire: Crimped wire pvc coated.
Packing: Packed in plastic foil with both end protected by carton disks.

Europe type fences can be supplied with fencing posts.
Post for Euro Fence:

Material: Two kinds mainly. One is black steel without galvanizing or spray painted; another choice is zinc coated hot dipped with spray painted.

Thickness: 1.50mm
Length: 2.50m
Diameter: 48mm

Temp fence is composed with fence panel, base unit and fence clips. More

Temporary Fence Panel

Temporary Security Fence

Temporary Modular Fencing

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