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Temp fences with frames have three main components: fence fabrics, fence posts and clips.

Frishine temp fence is portable, modular and free standing fencing. It is a decorative fence solution for a yard, patio, deck, terrace, outdoor restaurant, arbor area, panel system, modular, modular fence, modular fencing, etc.

Temp fence with frames is moveable, self standing partitions with frames. Our modular fence panel designs come with steel frames, single sided panel or double sided panels, custom sizing, different width boards, sanded or finished, post attachment type, etc.

Temporary fencing is a quick and economical solution to secure your construction site materials and equipment from theft or vandalism.

A few of the benefits of temporary fencing with frames:

Quick installations & removal
No digging or pavement damage
Easy to relocate & stackable
Low cost.


Temp fence is composed with fence panel, base unit and fence clips. More

Temporary Fence Panel

Temporary Security Fence

Temporary Modular Fencing

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