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A prefabricated fence that arrives at your door as a complete roll. The white vertical plastic strings are "welded" to black and white electro-plastic horizontal strings and supported by white plastic PVC posts--which are pre-built into and spaced throughout the netting. 164 ft. weighs only 23 lbs.

To contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry.
To prevent raccoons, coyotes, dogs, and other predators from killing poultry.
To rotate poultry to fresh grass as a food source and to reduce disease risks.

How does it work?
The close spacing of the verticals (every 3 in.) and lower energized horizontals (every 2 in.) combine to create both a physical and a pain barrier to birds and predators.

Why is it so popular?
It's so much easier and faster than other fence options to install, adjust and remove. No tools are needed. Line posts are built into the net. Plastic step-in posts work for corners and ends. It adapts easily to curves, hills and corners because it's only hand tensioned.

Temp fence is composed with fence panel, base unit and fence clips. More

Temporary Fence Panel

Temporary Security Fence

Temporary Modular Fencing

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